Dedicated Service Anywhere Anytime


Jobson Asia is dedicated to providing ship repair and maintenance services to the best of our ability and capability, anytime, anywhere.  We are able to mobilize our well-trained teams in a short time.  Safety and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.


We are specialized in 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Diesel Engine for repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  With vast experience and resources in ship repair and maintenance, we are able to quickly analyze, identify and resolve the problems for our customers.

We have professionally trained in-house expertise for Diesel Engine repair such as:

  • Main engine unit overhauling including liners, piston, cylinder covers, exhaust valve
  • Fuel pump and injection system
  • Cylinder lubrication system (alpha lubricator and HJ)
  • Turbocharger overhauling
  • Crankshaft and camshaft overhaul/replacement
  • Reconditioning of major ME and AE components
  • Overhaul/cleaning of air coolers, condensers, and associated outfittings
  • Metal stitching
  • ME pneumatic control system
  • Troubleshooting with respect to exhaust emission
  • Troubleshooting and overhauling
  • Seagoing experience Riding Team with seamen book for voyage repairs
Diesel Engine
Deck Machinery


We have an in-house strong mechanical team who are able to carry out ship repairs and maintenance on all Deck and Engine Room machinery.  With our readily available skilled resources and local network connection, we are able to mobilize our expert ship repair teams and make arrangement for the required logistics and parts at a very short notice.

Some of the  jobs, undertaken by our ship repair team are as follows:

  • Windlass and mooring winch gearbox overhauling and shaft machining and bush renewal
  • Gangway repair and load test
  • Cargo crane gearboxes and wires/ sheave replacement
  • Hatch cover repair
  • Funnel exhaust repair
  • PV  valves overhaul and pressure test
  • IG deck seal and scrubber system
  • Load cell for load testing of cranes load test
  • Anchor lifting and replacement.


We have a fully equipped ship repair and maintenance workshop with  2 X 15T of overhead cranes and separate painting/blasting heat treatment facility to meet the requirements of any kind of steel and pipe repairs.

Our certified and skilled welders and fitters are well trained and have vast ship repair experience on the different type of welding and steel requirements for the various type of vessels including tankers, chemical, bulk carrier, containers, passengers, and tugboats.

With our fully equipped ship repair and ship maintenance teams with seaman book and in-house logistics department, we are always ready to attend to and carry out ship repair onboard the vessels at a very short notice.

We have the capability to fabricate and install all kind of pipelines of various materials including black carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper-nickel alloy, and bronze, to our customers’ satisfaction.

Some examples of the steel and piping repair jobs we have undertaken are as follows:

  •  ER SW Pipe renewal in during voyage
  •  Copper piping for AC system during the voyage
  •  Ventilation ducting renewal in ER and pump room
  •  Steel renewal and cosmetic upgrade of ballast tank maintenance from Korea to Mexico


Steel Piping


Our full-service ship repair and maintenance facility and a professionally trained team are highly capable of carrying out troubleshooting and repairs of the variety of Hydraulic equipment onboard the vessels.

A few examples of Hydraulic equipment that we handle:

  • Hydraulic servo motors
  • Hydraulic pumps piston and vane type
  • Hydraulic distributors/control block
  • Cargo cranes including grabs
  • Hose handling crane/provision crane
  • Hatch covers operating system
  • VRC system
  • Steering gear system

Our ship repair workshop is also fully equipped with Hydraulic testing equipment as per makers requirements and standards motors, including, high-pressure hoses for all types of fluid.  For example, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, high-temperature fuel, and water can be fabricated on the sample.


In collaboration with our contracted partners, we are able to provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution of Underwater repair to Ship Owners, Ship Managers, and Ship Operators.  Our well-trained team partnering with our associated and trusted partners gives us the flexibility and the ability to enable us to manage crucial diving projects.

In view of offering our clients with a wide range of ship repair services under one umbrella, we through our associated partners are able to undertake diving  projects such as:

The followings are examples of repair projects:

  • Underwater hull inspection for  coating condition and cleaning
  • Underwater hull inspection for security
  • Underwater inspection for collision, grounding, and ropes/fishing nets entangled
  • Propeller polishing cleaning
  • Cofferdams/ plugging of overboard pipes for internal maintenance
  • Sacrificial anodes replacement
  • Underwater NDT testing
  • Intermediate inspection surveys including propeller drop
Underwater Repair